March 31st!

Death Guild began in Spring of 1993, and moved to the Trocadero in July of 1994. It was formed to be a place without a lot of attitude where you can go and feel at home, yet dress up, dance and meet new people. Kind of like a big party in your living room where you can feel comfortable, but still be surprised.

Every week at Death Guild you can hear lots of brand-spanking new music as it arrives in the DJs' hot little hands. DJs Lucretia and the Melting Girl (occasionally joined by DJs Joe Radio and Mephisto) spin a variety of industrial, gothic, and eighties music, with a slight overtone of silliness. You'll be able to hear a mix of classic club favourites (The Sisters, Skinny Puppy, The Cure, Front 242); new and import releases (Steril, Collide, :wumpscut:); plus songs you never expected to hear (Throbbing Gristle, Madonna)!

Everyone at least eighteen years of age with a valid ID, and an affinity for gothic, industrial and eighties music, is invited to attend our little club. We at Death Guild have a sense of humour, and don't like to take things too seriously; we just like to have fun and entertain ourselves.

Death Guild is held every Monday night. The doors open at 9pm, and we kick everyone out at 3am. Cover charge is $3 before 10pm, and $5 afterwards. Each week there are $2 drink specials until Midnight.

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